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About orth

Orth&Pharm Management, is a company focused in supplying our customers with Business Development solutions in the Pharmaceutical and Orthopaedia fields. With over 20 years of experience in such fields, we provide our suppliers and customers with “a la carte” solutions for taking their business a step beyond.

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Orth & Pharm Management is the proud exclusive distributor of Arnipro (r) in the Spanish market. This
innovative product consists on elastic sports braces with an inner coating of microcapsules containting
Arnica montana: an efficient analgesic and anti-inflammatory vegetable extract. For further information,
please contact us, we are actively looking for distributors all over the world.



Mainly experienced in Business development activities for API, Generics, OTC and Food supplements
between EU and Asia; we also provide our clients and suppliers with assistance in Regulatory Affairs,
helping to choose the best strategy for registration and launch in EU and Asian markets.